Gospel Way Covenant Church was organized in 1977 as the Gospel Way Bible Church under the leadership of Rev. William M. Watts, Sr. Its first service was held at 1450 S. Indiana Ave. in the old St. Luke’s Hospital Chapel. In 1979 the congregation affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church*, and with the help of the Denomination was able to move to its current location and the name was changed to the Gospel Way Covenant Church. During those years the church set up an alternative school while the teachers were on strike and was able to minister to many children and eventually their parents. As a family of believers, we are empowered and led by the Holy Spirit, acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, and the Bible as the true “Word of God.”

*Denominational Website:www.covchurch.org

Our Mission:

We are committed to the building of relationships that reflect God’s love and to maintaining the freedom from bondage delivered to us by Jesus Christ. Members are encouraged to express their God-given gifts in worship and ministry to the body of Christ and in outreach to the community.

Our Motto:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13


RevWatts1William M. Watts Sr., Pastor Emeritus

Pastor Watts has a passion for carefully unpacking the truths of Scripture. He is the founder of Gospel Way Covenant Church. He and his wife have been serving the lord for over 38 years.


Pastor Marva C. Watts,  Pastor Emeritus  

Retired first lady of Gospel Way Covenant Church and  biology professor, Marva C. Watts delivers powerful life messages and gives excellent teachings of the word of God.  










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